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Bruce Faulkner. ftbs.us
I am a broadcast Engineer with twenty-six years in the business. I hold an advanced class Amatuer Radio License (N7DAC). Didn't quite make Extra because I never made it past about seventeen words a minute in code. I started out printing and I can't print faster than that and still read what I wrote. I just couldn't switch to cursive. Before entering the broadcast field I spent two years in a Tech School in Los Angeles California and two years in the Land Mobile Industry (two way radio) in Utah. I was an auto mechanic for GM before that and a CH-47 (Chinook) helicopter mechanic in the Army, spending my token year in the tropical paradise of Southeast Asia, unlike Bill Clinton.
I am originally from Minnesota. I miss the snow, green grass, trees and water but I also love the mountains. I currently live in Billings, Montana where I've made my home for eleven plus years. The twelve years prior to that I lived in Sheridan Wyoming.
I enjoy working with the computer but I still think my favorite part of the job is when I have to take a snowmobile to a mountain top transmitter site.
Outside of work; I volunteer with the local Police Department and as a tutor at one of the local schools. I've tutored several grades and subjects, but my favorite is sixth grade math. This is my seventh year as a tutor and I realy enjoy doing it. It is the most rewarding when the kids are in the mood to learn. If they're not, it can be a bit of a chore.
If I retire, and the kids will still have me, I think I'd like to spend more time tutoring, it is so rewarding. It's especially great when one of them says: "Oohhh..." as in; now I get it!
faulkner technical broadcast service

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